The Sims 4: Discover University – Robotics Skill Guide

Robotics is a useful, albeit dangerous, skill in The Sims 4: Discover University. This guide has everything players need to know about it.

Sims can seek higher education and learn new technology with The Sims 4: Discover University, including the Robotics Skill. The Robotics skill allows Sims to make all kinds of helpful robots, upgrade parts, and even cybernetics for Sims to wear themselves. However, working on the Robotics Skill can be dangerous for Sims if they are careless.

Sims can practice Robotics regardless if they enroll in University or not, but there is a society at the Foxbury Institute called the Bot Savants that gives players additional benefits with the Robotics Skill. So, if players want to embrace futuristic technology and design highly complex computer systems in The Sims 4, the Robotics Skill is made for them, and this guide has everything they need to know about mastering it.

How to Build the Robotics Skill

Sims can learn Robotics in one of two ways: skill books or using a Robotics Workstation. Skill books can be purchased from any bookshelf, but getting Sims to sit and focus on finishing books can be difficult. The Robotics Workstation, while more expensive, is a significantly faster and easier way to earn the Robotics Skill.

Sims can select the Robotics Workstation and choose Tinker to practice making robots which also results in Robot Salvage Parts. However, just like repairing an electronic, Sims risk getting shocked while using the Robotics Workstation. This happens far more often than when repairing, so players should be wary not to overdo it if a Sims is constantly dazed from electrocution. Sims can die from electric shock if they try to work while dazed, making the Robotics Skill one of the most dangerous skills in The Sims 4.

Source: GameRant